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To all Jo’s wonderful readers…

Jo sadly passed away in July 2020 but her writing lives on through Gilly Middleton who worked with Jo as co-writer and is now bringing Jo’s many original ideas to fruition.

Gilly lives in Sussex, where she likes to go to the theatre and to watch cricket, and feels very privileged to have worked with Jo.

Jo often said of her books, ‘I could never imagine a single day without writing. It’s been that way since as far back as I can remember.’

We hope you will continue to enjoy reading them.

All the best,

Team Jo Cox

Latest Book…

A Time to Remember

Are some memories best forgotten?

Maureen Bancroft has never learned the art of putting herself first. As a widow with a gentle temperament and humble ways, she’s been easy to take advantage of.

All that changes when an unexpected windfall comes her way. Determined to make up for lost time, she decides to take a holiday and, needing a companion, looks up her friend, Barbara Hayle.

Glamorous, and with a successful career on the stage, Barbara seems to be everything that Maureen is not. But things aren’t as they seem, and what starts out as a nostalgic trip between friends, becomes something different altogether. Much has changed in the years since they first met ̶ now Maureen has something that her friend desperately needs, and Barbara is used to getting exactly what she wants.

As their journey takes them down some dark byways, will this be the one friendship that Maureen should have left firmly in the past?

Don’t miss the gripping new drama from the nation’s favourite storyteller.