Blood Brothers: Unabridged edition

By Josephine Cox, Read by Ben Elliot

Another page-turning story of tragedy and triumph from the No.1 bestselling author of The Loner and The Journey.

With her shy smile and kind nature, she fits into the family easily. When Nancy Arnold’s eldest son Frank begins to show an interest in the new arrival, she believes that at long last he has found a woman to share his life with.

But tensions begin to rise between Frank and his brother, and while Nancy puts it down to sibling rivalry, her husband senses a more dangerous undercurrent. Something has deeply unsettled their peaceful world and Ellie is also affected.

Someone is playing a game, a tragic game that will tear apart not only Nancy Arnold’s family but the lives of others too…

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 04 Feb 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-734598-4
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Josephine Cox was born in Blackburn, one of ten children. At the age of sixteen, Josephine met and married her husband Ken, and had two sons. When the boys started school, she decided to go to college and eventually gained a place at Cambridge University. She was unable to take this up as it would have meant living away from home, but she went into teaching – and started to write her first full-length novel. She won the ‘Superwoman of Great Britain’ Award, for which her family had secretly entered her, at the same time as her novel was accepted for publication.

Praise for Blood Brothers: -

”'Thanks to her near faultless writing, sympathies will lurch from one character to another, and as events reach their dramatic conclusion readers will find it impossible to tear themselves away.” - News of the World

”'Another hit for Josephine Cox” - Sunday Express

Praise for Josephine Cox’s previous bestsellers: -

”'Cox’s talent as storyteller never lets you escape the spell” - Daily Mail

”'Another masterpiece” - Best

”'Another beautifully spun family epic” - Scottish Daily Echo

”'A surefire winner” - Woman’s Weekly

”'Passionate and touching, an irresistible read. It’s a perfect book to while away an afternoon. Just make sure you hide Born Bad away from your mum and grandmother because they’ll love it too” - News of the World