Live the Dream

By Josephine Cox

The powerful new besteller from the country’s number one storyteller.

Handsome, wealthy and charismatic, Luke Hammond should have the world at his feet. Instead, he is immersed by in a double tragedy which rocked the quiet town of Blackburn. Luke’s only respite from his respectable everyday life as owner of Hammonds’ factory is the precious time he carves out each week when he seeks solace deep in the heart of the Ribble Valley where his turbulent emotions find their way into his mesmerising and powerful paintings. Lost in his thoughts and dreams, he paints watercolours, his turbulent emotions spilling out onto the canvas.

Luke’s lonely nature intrigues Amy Maitland, a homely, down to earth young woman nursing her own heartache.Unaware of Luke’s true identity, and the pain of his past, Amy is drawn to the quiet man who visits her best friend café every Tuesday.

Gradually, a friendship develops between the pair and intimacy blossoms. But Amy is torn between her heart and her head. She gave up her heart once before and paid the price.Can she bear to risk it again?

When she discovers who Luke really is, her feelings are in even greater turmoil. However intense her attraction for Luke, Amy’s sense of honour and duty is paramount.

Then disaster strikes the factory.As Luke’s past returns to haunt him, Amy is made to fear for the life of her best friend Daisy, and suddenly the future is very dangerous indeed…